Cooking With Vegetables Two geniuses teach lonely, single,
unmarried bachelors how to feed themselves!

Hollywood Manuals Out-of-print and
Hard-to-find movie camera and projector manuals!

Hollywood Seminars Learn filmmaking
in Hollywood - Or wherever you are!

How To Find A Hollywood Job Guide to finding
a great entertainment industry job!

IndyCine Filmmaking Page!
Supplies, Services, and
Encouragement for filmmaking!

Money For Projects - Any amount, any purpose.
Get the money you need for your project!

Sam Longoria Filmmaking Page
Raise money - make YOUR movie!

Sam Longoria Filmmaking Blog From the left ventricle
of the heart of Hollywood, 21st Century filmmaking!

Secrets Of Raising Money For Your Movie
The Ultimate Filmmaking Money-raising guide!
Attract Movie Angels to fill your Producer Wallet!

ST Productions
firST faST beST Filmmaking

The WILD SIDE Virtual improv theatre
Comedy tv, radio, and filmmaking!

Wilderness Wally
Rugged outdoor camping site,
where life is in tents!